Data Controller Pricing

Our Pricing Goals are to be Transparent, Simple, and Fair


Data Controller is available in three packages:

Community Team Enterprise
✅ All Features except: ✅ All Features, including: ✅ All Team Features, plus:
❌ File Uploads ✅ File Uploads ✅ Perpetual Licence
❌ Limited to 15 rows ✅ Unlimited Rows ✅ Perpetual Upgrades
❌ Limited Support ✅ Dedicated Support ✅ Optional Support
💰 FREE, for 5 Users 💰 €25 / User / Month 💰 €150k One Time

Data Controller Development Days (to build new product features etc) are available for all plans at a price of 600 EUR per day.

Community Package

You can try Data Controller today (and forever) for FREE, for up to 5 users, on ANY flavour of SAS - be that Viya, EBI, or SASjs Server.

In terms of support, we'll do our best, however - we would prioritise paying customers / revenue-generating projects when it comes to closing tickets / investigating issues.

Other reasons to consider a paid plan:

  • Permission to re-use the Data Management Macros (indefinitely)
  • Removal of 15 row limit on VIEW and EDIT screens
  • Excel / CSV Upload feature enabled

Team Package

The Team Package is based on the number of Users - a user is a unique SAS account that has registered to the Data Controller product in any 12 month period. Meaning, if you have a 20 user subscription, only 20 unique users are able to use Data Controller during those 12 months.

The following points should be noted:

  • The minimum purchase is 20 users
  • Licences are annual
  • Any additional (mid-year) user licenses are pro-rated
  • Licences can be downgraded
  • Downgrades happen on licence anniversary

Customers spending over 30k (100 users) receive additional support services, such as:

  • Support for other SAS-Powered Web Apps
  • SASjs Framework support
  • 10% discount on 4GL Consultancy Days

At 50k per year (166 users) there are additional benefits:

  • Additional users are free
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 15% discount on 4GL Consultancy Days

Enterprise Package

For large customers who prefer the ability to self-maintain, for a fixed price of 150k, we give you full and perpetual licence to use and build on the source code (for internal purposes). We will also train and support your SAS and Web developers in how to build and deploy (and extend) the application. This price includes 1 year of dedicated support. Support from Year 2 onwards is optional, available with a 50% reduction from the Team Package price.

There is no obligation to renew the support agreement - and you will maintain access to updates even if the support period expires.



Our support mailbox is available at [email protected] - a trained Data Controller technician will respond to all queries within 8 business hours. Business hours are Monday to Friday, 9am until 5pm GMT.

We aim to meet this target in 90% of all incidents reported.  Support issues will be worked on until a mutually agreed resolution is achieved, or until the customer requests the issue to be closed. If there is no response or update from a customer on an issue for more than 30 calendar days, the issue will be deemed closed.

In Scope Support

Support is unlimited, but restricted to items that actually relate to the tool (eg we cannot help with permissions, or data issues, beyond the guidance in the documentation).  All support is provided remotely, using video calls / screen sharing technology.

Examples of ‘in-scope’ (not an exhaustive list):

  • configuration & usage advice
  • troubleshooting
  • installation support
  • integration advice (actual integrations are a consulting effort)

Out of Scope Support

Our support goal is to help you by answering questions and solving problems that relate specifically to the Data Controller for SAS® software. Occasionally a situation may arise where the scope is outside of the support service, including (but not limited to) the items below.

Data Issues

Whilst Data Controller has been hardened over many years to deal with most data issues, there are some things that cannot be solved by the product itself, such as:

  • Library configuration issues
  • Permissions issues (OS or metadata)
  • Physical locks (eg on SAS tables)
  • System issues (outages)

New Features

The Data Controller Support Team can assist with troubleshooting and issue support, but they cannot create additional functionality. In this case a request may be made to enhance the product (Developer Days), or our Professional Services may be engaged to deliver a bespoke solution.


Data Controller was built to ‘play nicely’ with other tools and platforms. The Support Team can assist with education and advice on how those integrations work, but they cannot perform those integrations for you. In this case, our Professional Services team should be engaged.

Non Standard Situations

There may be situations where support cannot give immediate fixes, such as (but not limited to):

  • Issues with client computing environments
  • Inability of the client to provide remote access
  • Regulatory or Force Majeure events In such cases the issue will be referred to management and a call arranged to agree a way forward.

Partner Purchases

Where Data Controller is purchased directly from one of our partners, the partner may provide first line support as per your agreement with them.

Data Controller

Data Controller is a product of 4GL Apps, a brand of Bowe IO Ltd, which is a UK company with a focus on SAS Software, Apps, and Services.

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