SaasNow Partnership
SaasNow Partnership
July 22, 2021 / in Partners / by Allan Bowe

SaasNow Partnership

The Data Controller for SAS® team is pleased to announce a new partnership! Customers can now obtain Data Controller for SAS® directly from SaasNow - a respected SAS Partner based in the Netherlands.

Purchasing Data Controller directly through a partner such as SaasNow provides several benefits:

Rapid Installation

As a new SaasNow customer, your Data Controller installation may be as easy as clicking a button. If you have an existing partner relationship, you have a team ready with the knowledge & skills to deploy & configure Data Controller seamlessly into your SAS platform.

Ease of Support

With a partner as your first line of support, you can leverage a single process for all SAS-related requests, including Data Controller. For complex, non-standard issues, partners have the full and immediate support of the Data Controller for SAS® team.

Ease of Billing

No need to onboard a new vendor or deal with multiple invoices! You can manage Data Controller as part of a single partner agreement. There are also the following differences to the standard pricing model when purchasing from SaasNow:

  • Based on CPU core - so you have unlimited users
  • Monthly - so you can flex your contract

SaasNow is a Notilyze brand. More information about Notilyze

Notilyze makes data analytics available for every organization, regardless of industry or size. The Notiliyze value framework consists of three principal components:

1 - Notilyze Analytics as a Service

The Notilyze Analytics as a Service concept enables your organization to transform data into valuable insights and become data-driven without investing in hardware and software or employing analytics experts such as data scientists.

2 - Notilyze Solutions as a Service

Notilyze develops industry and application-specific solutions for:

  • IoT device analytics
  • Real Estate Analytics
  • Logistics Optimization
  • Credit check automation
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Debt Collections & Recoveries (CoRe42)

3 - SaasNow Cloud for SAS Viya

SaasNow enables you to leverage the power of SAS in the cloud without the constraints of infrastructure or skilled staff. With SaasNow, you can bring your SAS Viya licenses into the SaasNow cloud fast and scale cores, memory, or storage according to your needs.

Most SaasNow Viya cloud environments are provisioned and ready to use within 4 hours.

If you would like to provision Data Controller for SAS® as part of your engagement with SaasNow, contact [email protected].

The SaaSNow version of this announcement is available here

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