v5.1 Release: Library & Dataset Info
v5.1 Release: Library & Dataset Info
September 02, 2022 / in Releases / by Allan Bowe

v5.1 Release

The new features in this release are:

  • Refresh the Data Catalog on a per-library basis
  • View the Data Catalog info in a new, linkable, 'library info' screen
  • View dataset information (proc contents)
  • New Forward & Back option in the Edit Record modal
  • Tidying / publishing of source code

Various fixes have also been delivered, including:

  • Removed error dialog when a library is empty
  • Loading of formats with different length settings
  • Suppress ABORT modal when dynamic filtering
  • Dynamic retrieval of Server Context when deploying on SAS 9
  • Fixes to various edge cases in the FILTER dialog
  • Display correct number of actual changed records (Previously capped at 200, the display amount)
  • Dropdown values on modified Edge instance are no longer "sticking" (we built a custom modal)
  • Fixed issue with NaN being displayed when copy/pasting in certain contexts

There is also a significant speed improvement when working with wide tables (hundreds of variables).

New Features

Data Catalog Library Refresh

Previously the only way to refresh the Data Catalog was to run the services/admin/refreshcatalog service. Now, any user can refresh it using the refresh button for a specific LIBREF in the VIEW menu.


Data Catalog Library Info

It is now possible to view the library info on a new (linkable) library page. Useful metrics such as the engine used, the physical size of the library (if BASE), permissions, table count etc are surfaced.

library info

Dataset Info

Using the ds_meta macro a large number of dataset specific metrics are now available on both VIEW and EDIT pages.

This is a handy place to check for common issues such as a lack of dataset compression, or the presence of a significant number of logically deleted records.

dsinfo dsinfo2

Forwards & Back

You can now move forwards and backwards through observations in the Edit Record modal, FSEDIT style!

Data Controller Source Code

To assist users, admins and developers with understanding exactly what is going on insde the Data Controller services, we have published the source code to https://code.datacontroller.io. The programs are documented using Doxygen and sasjs doc.

Bug Fixes

We deployed Data Controller to the SAS environment of a Government customer this year, and we're grateful to them for performing some very extensive and intensive testing! A fairly large number of issues were found and fixed over the last 3-4 months and so an upgrade is highly recommended for all customers. The deployment page is here.

Roadmap (3rd September 2022)

The following items are on our 'would like to build' list. If you're interested in any of these, and there's a commercial opportunity involved, then - let's chat!

  • Admin Screen
  • Data Rollback (from UI)
  • Data Controller API
Data Controller

Data Controller is a product of 4GL Apps, a brand of Bowe IO Ltd, which is a UK company with a focus on SAS Software, Apps, and Services.

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