SAS Excellence in Innovation Award Finalist
SAS Excellence in Innovation Award Finalist
May 22, 2021 / in Innovation, Partners / by Allan Bowe

Data Controller for SAS® was a finalist in the 2021 "Excellence in Innovation" award!

Each year, SAS recognises a partner that has demonstrated outstanding innovation by adding their own intellectual property to SAS software in order to uniquely solve a complex customer business problem. Analytium is one of the "chosen four", from among over 1800 partners globally!

Award Process

There was a strict 15 minute virtual presentation, that began with a 3-4 minute "customer elevator pitch" to explain the customer value of the solution. The remaining time delved into the technical side of things, plus Q&A. There were around 12 SAS employees on the call, with a mix of backgrounds, and assessment was made across three dimensions:

  • Does the solution represent unique innovation?
  • Is the solution a valuable addition to SAS Software (ie, "fills a gap")?
  • Does the solution solve a customer need?

For our part, we began the presentation with an animated video, that explored some of the pain points solved by Data Controller, such as:

  • Batch stability
  • End User Computing
  • Audit investigations

On the innovation side, we talked about some of the following unique capabilities we have built to deliver customer value:

  • Ability to deploy without a web server (streaming app capability)
  • The DevOps framework, which we have open-sourced (SASjs)
  • Cross SAS-Platform technology (Viya, SAS 9, and soon - desktop SAS also)

As well as an overview of the list of features we have built, to extend the value of SAS Software:

Data Controller for SAS® and Microsoft

We are now putting the badges to good use in our upcoming LinkedIn campaign!  Analytium are both SAS and Microsoft partners, and Data Controller for SAS® is listed on the Azure Marketplace.

These are the ads we will be running:

capture euc sasaward ms

lineage sasaward ms model sasaward ms

Data Controller is free for up to 5 users.  If you'd like to give it a whirl, just pop us a message!

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